Sunday, August 8, 2010

How did HE propose?

Most (not all) women dream of their wedding day. We dream of walking down the isle and the dress we will wear. Before the wedding day, comes the proposal. I never really dreamed about how I wanted to be proposed to, until I was ready to be proposed to. My husband didn't propose to me until we dating for 2 years and 2 months. BUT ... I thought he was going to purpose to me on our 1st dating anniversary! We went out to eat at the Atlanta Fish Market and the whole night I was looking for cues that he was going to propose. I was looking in my drink for a ring, look at the server to see if they were making eye contact, looking in my dessert...... and when the bill came and he paid it.... I knew it was not going to happen. I didn't tell him that night I thought he was going to propose. I just went home feeling real crazy. Especially since the proposal didn't come for another year!

My husband proposed on Christmas Day 2002. That Christmas I woke up and went over his parents home. I didn't have any family here so I was invited to spend the holiday with him and his family. This holiday it was him, his brother (his new wife and baby), his parents, grandfather, aunt & uncles, cousins .... just a house full. Well everyone started opening up gifts one at a time. Earl handed me a gift, and why did I think "This could be it!" I opened the box and it was SOCKS! I said inside, "What the world!" But I knew it was a real gift because I needed socks and he really is thoughtful like that. Then I had another gift under the tree! Could this be it? No. It was a George Foreman Grill. It was from his brother & sister-in-law.  By this time, it was not one present under the tree and I was kinda ready to go. So all of a sudden I hear Earl say, oh there's one more gift. His brother goes and gets the big Macy's box. By then, I am sitting on the couch with my hand on my head like, whatever! Earl hands me this big box. I kinda freeze and think, "I know this is not what I think it is!" I opened it and it's this ring box inside. Everyone starts screaming and he gets down on his knee and whisper in my ear, "Will you marry me?" I had my hand over my mouth like most people do when they are so surprised. I was thinking this was something I have wanted for a long time and it was finally here but I didn't think it would be like this, feel like this. I was smiling from ear to ear.

What made me smile even more was that everyone in the room knew except for me! They even taped the whole thing! He even called my grandmother and asked for her blessing! So.... of course I said, "Yes!" and nine months later we had a beautiful Fall wedding.  What about you? How did HE propose?


Anonymous said...

I knew months after we got togehter that he was the one. We would always look at rings and decide what we would get when the time was right. One night he was over and cooked a fabulous dinner as he always did. I was sitting at the computer messing around and he gets on one kneww and was like babes will you marry me. I was in shock at first. Wasnt what I expected the proposal to be, but that is who he is and of course we got married some months later. I told my mom and kids and they didnt believe me at first until I showed them the ring.

Anonymous said...

Well...he didn't. One night, 8 years ago we were having a bit of a scuff about our relationship when he angrily said "Well what did you want to do with our relationship, get married?!?" to which I rather sarcastically replied "Oh yeah! Sure whatever!" and we angrily ended the scuffle and went to sleep. The next day I asked him if he had been serious about the marriage thing to which he replied "what the (multiple explatives inserted here) seriously i don't know (multiple explatives and angry comments)" and he turned around and left to go do something on his own. The next day I asked him again if he had been serious to which he replied "Whatever. What the (explative, explative, explative) ever. Fine. Just whatever." and that was it. I asked him if I could have an engagement ring (very nicely through all of this I'm a really really soft-spoken person), and anyways, he said no and then I asked why and he said because he had been burned so many times before (I was his 3rd engagement) and that he said I'd probably turn out like the rest and screw him over (which I had never done or ever given any indication I had done everything I could do for him and had given him everything I could and was always there for him)and I told him this. He finally said "fine. I'll spend $50 on a ring and no more." So we went to the jewelers and of course their base ring which was a 1/4 carat fracture filled diamond (if you're not familiar the fracture filled process consists of taking a diamond with many blemishes, drilling out the center and filling it with glass) and it was $400. So, he paid $50 for the ring and I paid $350 for the ring plus I purchased my wedding band and his. A month later, he bought himself a $1,300 paint ball gun. Nice, huh? We were married a year later. Everything I had dreamed of, of someone caring enough about me and loving me enough to ask me to spend the rest of my life with them was shattered. He continued to treat me in the same way and after our second daughter was born 4 years into our marriage, he slowly began to change. Two years ago I asked him if I could maybe have a real ring someday to which he angrily replied "Why?!?! When you die a stupid ring is just going to sit there on your rotting skeleton hand in a casket!!!!!". Ouch. And this is how our relationship is and always has been and I'm afraid always will be. I love him but sometimes it's hard to when your heart is repeatedly broken by the same man when promise after promise, dream after dream, is left unfulfilled. A heart can only take so much before it's left shattered in a million pieces. Right now he's 6 months into a 1 year deployment to Afghanistan and things havn't changed despite his empty promises.