Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I got STRAIGHT PLAYED! *Share you stories - single or married*

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NOW- let's dive in!
Have you ever liked a guy so much that you told him all your secrets, gave him the keys to your house, email passwords, let him drive your car, even gave him money, more or less - to only find out YOU GOT STRAIGHT PLAYED! Today, you can share your stories and what you learned.

Well let me say, I have never did any of the above, except maybe let a guy drive my car BUT I still got played before! I must say it was in college. Life is about experiences and we should definitely learn from them. How about coming home from college on your summer break to find out that your boyfriend had a sideline boo! And you find out from her! How about liking a dude (really like a dude, and he gets another chick pregnant and has the nerve to ask you, "Would you have married me if this didn't happen?" What in the world!! And this guy married that girl, who was in high school at the time! LOL (they are now divorced!) How about having a greaaaat summer with a guy to find out it was all a bet! 2 out of 3 of the stories shared, I did shed a tear or two but I got over it. It didn't scar me. It didn't give me baggage either. I will say I am not an innocent one, b/c I did my share of playing too back in the day. Maybe that's why I didn't get too mad! I did learn that you have to pay attention to details when it comes to the person you're dating because whether you believe it or not....it's in the details. Who they really are sometimes are in the words they aren't really saying. The body language. Or even sometimes in the little jokes they tell. Pay attention and not just for a freaking week or a month but for a long time because people are on their best behavior for months.

But I am glad that when I was ready and God felt I was ready he sent me great husband. Of course he's not perfect but he's real and I really can't complain. He is the true definition of a husband, my husband. Soooo, what about you?

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Who among us hasn't been played. Whew...I know I have. I love for my guy to look nice, so I tend to buy him things...nice things. However, he didn't reciprocate. I mean it got to the point, where I was always doing things for him and all I got was "sex". (great sex...okay back to the story) I finally confronted him about it and he tried to act all innocent, saying he didn't ask for any of the things/food I bought. I learned a valuable lesson from that...no matter how much you do for someone, it does not mean they would do the same for you! I still like to treat people the way I'd wanna be treated...I just know how not to get PLAYED!! Love Yous!