Monday, April 4, 2011

WIFE was never intended to be JUST a blog! (Please read)

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. I have really been thinking about alot. I have been thinking about life, my blog, WIFE and other goals. I have been really trying to decide in what direction I want to take WIFE and execute it.

WIFE was never intended to be a blog. It was always supposed to be a support group for married women. A support group where we meet once a month or at least twice a month. My vision/goal for WIFE is an organization that supports the dreams and desires of married women. I want WIFE to be a safe haven. A place where they can relax, relate, and release the cares of wifehood, motherhood and life. A place where women can get support and assistance on goals, and assistance when their funds are low!

I started the blog until I could get the actual support group up and running. But I believe I had gotten used to the blog and didn't focus on the actual in-person group as much. I was reminded on multiple occasions, through conversations, actions, and time with God about why WIFE was created in the first place.

I will be officially starting the WIFE support group soon. I will be having an initial meeting later this month with potential board members and will plan to have the first actual meeting in May. I will still do topics on the blog (so please still read and share the site), but as the WIFE Support Group evolves, so will the blog. I welcome your ideas as well.

Thanks for your support on this blog, facebook, youtube, and via email. I am excited to see how WIFE evolves into the ultimate WIFE support group.
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