Friday, April 8, 2011

It not you! It's her I don't trust!

Funny. I was watching Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns tonight and Sasha's mother-in-law brought her husband's ex-fiancé over to see her son (Sasha's husband). She was going out to dinner with her son and invited his ex to attend! His wife (Sasha) had to go to work. Sasha asked him (really demanded) not to go because she trust him, but she doesn't trust her (the ex). What the wife didn't know was that her mother-in-law invited the ex because she felt her son was unhappy in his marriage. And the Ex didn't know that HE was actually happy in his marriage.

It just made me giggle when she said "It's her I don't trust!" Some women are so quick to think every EX wants their man, when sometimes that could be farther from the truth AND sometimes they need NOT trust their man. Some women are so quick to give their man the benefit of the doubt when SOMETIMES he just doesn't deserve it. Sometimes it is the hubby calling the ex, texting the ex, emailing the ex! But when they get close to getting caught - BLAME the ex! And we are like "I trust you boo! I know she still want you!" Are you really sure?

All I am saying is, its not always the ex going after your man. In the end of this episode, they all figured out that the mother set them all up. Oh! One more interesting tidbit. The wife asked him not to go out with the ex and his mom to dinner, and he said "He's grown and its just dinner!" And he went. Leaving the Wife with her mouth open. I don't think that would happen in real life. Ummm maybe.


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MsDior said...

This is a crazy one B! Okay, I get that sometimes the husband is the one initiating the contact, but it does take 2 to tango...mmmm! Why is she even playing second fiddle? Does she feel good knowing that he's stepping out on his wife or thinking about it? I mean that's just a hot mess! The responsibility lies on your husband to respect the union that you all have made, not hers, but when she enables him to do this, that's just disrespectful. I think that door should have been closed long before you began a relationship with me, especially a marriage. As far as going to dinner with your ex, well you can ex that booh! I don't trust her and if you keep pushin the issue...what's really goin on, huh? I'm just sayin!