Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Natural Hair Show - Atlanta 2011

The Natural Hair Show stopped by Atlanta this past weekend, April 30th and May 1st. It was such a good show. This was the 3rd year I attended and it has gotten bigger and better every year. It's really amazing at how its grown and how many natural products are out there for the skin and hair. I really believe this show is going to give the famous Bronner Brothers Hair Show some major competition in the years to come.

I went my friend, Precious and Cynthia and we were really overwhelmed. With all that said, we really just came to get one product, Jane Carter. I love her product line but it is EXPENSIVE! She is sold in Target and Whole foods and in those stores what you will spend $20 on, you can get at the shows for $5!!! So I only stock up on Jane at the show! This year her best seller appeared to be her redefining curl cream! It's a new product that all the girls are going crazy over. Its $35 in the store but was $15 at the show and she sold out in the first 3 hours!!!! But she still let you order it and she would ship it to you for the same price. People were getting two and three jars. I have tried samples of this and I must say, I like how it makes my hair look. The curls are defined and just pop.

In my closing, I will advise you to visit the show if it comes to your town. I didn't know so many women are kicking the relaxer "creamy crack!" and going back to their roots. It was so many women in beautiful natural styles, we couldn't stop staring. I did buy some products for my children's hair even though I make my daughters leave-in, I wanted to see if their claims are true. I brought 3 different Taliah Waajid children's (3 for 10) products which are normally $8 each. So far, so good with the product I have tried on my son's hair. My daughter has braids currently, so I will be trying the products on her this weekend when I take her hair down.

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