Monday, June 27, 2011

If you don't like your body, CHANGE IT! My INSANITY Journey Day 2! (Out of 60)

I have started on a journey to redefine my body. I want a new shape and I am committed to changing it. I believe if you want a new look, maybe you should change too. I am not doing it with surgery or pills (but I do take vitamins) but I am doing the workout DVD INSANITY! I am 34 and I am already in good shape. I stayed active as a child/teenager and did cheerleading and track all of my adolescent years. Even as an adult I continue to work out and attempt to eat a balanced diet. Although sometimes French fries, pizza & chicken wings get the best of me. You see I am not a sweets person (which is another reason I believe my weight has stayed down over the years). I hardly ever eat cake. I don’t like pies and really hardly ever desire a donut, cookie or candy. I just have no desire for that. But like I just said - if you put some fries or pizza (good pizza not the franchise stuff!) in front of me…………. I might bend!

I am healthy. I am currently a size 8 and can fit into some (limited some) 6’s. At my last physical, all of my blood work came back as HEALTHY & great numbers! But I want a better body. It’s not about size with me because I am happy with my actual size (how I look in my clothes) but not excited about my actual weight and just the actual change in the body (kids & age). I am thankful for what my past exercise regimen has done for me but what I realize was – I was maintaining what I have (weight) and not actually trying to redefine my body. I currently weight (here it comes!!!) 150. 10 pounds of that is after baby weight! My baby is 3 ½ and I have never been 150 in my life. Before my son, I was 144 (the biggest ever at the time), but some of that weight was newlywed weight. After I had him, I lost all 70 pounds and then some. I got back down to 135. Looking and feeling great! But here comes baby number 2. I gain another 70 pounds but haven’t been able to knock off this last 10 pounds. It’s funny because I have been concentrating more on the 10 pounds over the last 6 months and it is remaining steady. I will eat right, work out and lose 2-4 pounds and then here come Friday, Saturday & Sunday eating. I will gain it all back over the weekend.

I want to lose 10 pounds and TONE my thighs, arms and get my abs TIZ-IGHT! At one point I wanted a tummy tuck, but I realized my stomach is not that bad. And if I just dedicated myself to really working out, I could fix it naturally (I do understand everyone can’t do that). I don’t just want to lose 10 pounds, but I want my body DEFINED! And I am excited about INSANITY because if I am faithful to the process, I know in 58 days, I will have a better body! I am going to blog about my journey and hopefully you will comment about yours. And if not, just enjoy the story. I am not going to post before and after until AFTER! I will be Thirty-FINE in a few months and my goal has always been to grow older gracefully. It’s time to have the body I want and dedicate myself to doing. No one is going to do it for me but me! I am tired of wearing girdles, body magic’s, corset’s, etc.! I just want to put on my bra and shirt and GO! I never wore support before my kids! I just held it in! LOL!!! But now, these support garments have become part of my freaking wardrobe! NO MORE! NO MORE! BETTER BODY COME FORTH!

So today is day 2 out of a 60 day program. I started last night after watching the BET Awards (which were a little disappointing, honestly). And I got up again, something I have NEVER done, at 6am to work out before going to work. I also have a new job at a college, so this is going to be interesting. Insanity makes you sweat like no other workout, so it looks like I will have to wet/rinse my hair after every workout. Thank GOD I am natural (no relaxer), so I can wet and go! Plus, its summer so I don’t do a lot of hair straightening in the summer anyway due to Georgia humidity! So I will be rocking a fro for 60 days!


Mr. Man. said...

Hey Lady, we just started doing the insane Insanity Work out. Can I say without a doubt, if this is your first time working out, this may not be the way to start? But if you like a challenge, than this will be one for you. I too consider myself to be in pretty good shape at 48. I did the Hip Hop Abs already and this is way more intense. And you are right it will make you sweat that’s for sure. We are on day 4 and my lower calves stay on fire. But the end results are worth it. The hardest part for me is finding time to work out. I still work out a lot on my lunch break as well. Like they say you get out of it what you put in. And the best part for me is having Greta work out with me, that way we can both stay healthy.

The Wife said...

I have started getting up at 6am and working out. Maybe you can get up earlier. You have to do it 6 days a week, so you better find the time! I am on day 4 right now! I am excited about the results. But WHOAAA what a workout. I am used to working out so I can kinda hang. But you are very right, if you are new to working out... try walking first LOL!