Friday, January 13, 2012

More children? If not, what form of birth control are you using?

I am on the fence about what to do. I have two children and honestly do not want anymore. My husband is also fine with the two blessings we have been given. He also said it's up to me if we have another one, he is cool either way. He said as long as we can afford them, he's fine. Smh!

Well, personally I don't know if I have the mental tolerance for another child. I am just being honest. My children are 6 and 4 and are a handful. Don't get me wrong, my children are great kids. They love school, to play games, try new things, run around and have fun! And I love that. But to go through pregnancy all over again, getting my body back, diapers, staying up all night, turning over pissed off at my husband because he is sound asleep, trying to juggle a new born and little kids, daycare fees, etc. It's a little too much. #forme. I look up to women that have more than 2! I really do. And the funny thing is, from time to time I think about it. I always joke and say, we planned the first two and if I get pregnant again it's because God wanted me to have another baby.

Well that leads me to the birth control question. Right now I am taking pills, but I am tired of popping pills. I don't want to pop pills forever and I haven't even thought of asking my hubby to snip snip (I just thought of that as I was typing!). So my other option is the IUD? What are your experiences with it? I have had it once before, right after I gave birth to my second child. I had small complications but I am willing to try again. It's 4 years later and I am willing to try again. Is there a particular brand you use? I know they have 5 and 10 year IUDs. I would try a 5 year. I also hear there is this new foam method where they insert foam over your ovaries and that blocks anything from entering into your tubes. Ummmmmmmmmm, I will pass. LOL! That is too new for me.

Update: Since I wrote this blog, I did ask my hubby about him getting a snip snip! He said, "No! I don't want surgery." I said, "Don't you like that is unfair to me, to have to be the one responsible for "controlling the births?" He said, 'Honestly, you are right. It's really not fair. You are right." And there ya go. I just sat there. (We were oh the phone, or I would have popped him! LOL).
What do you use?


Chrissy said...

I have 3 and would love more but with my husband's busy work schedule and with him in graduate school, I just don't think its possible. I feel like a single mother quite often. Its true that its hard while they are little but i think about how things will be when they are older and how they will have eachother as adults. After a huge guilt trip, my husband has agreed to go under the knife.

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