Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you have any HAIR GOALS for 2012? I do.

Do you have 2012 hair goals? I do. My hair goal is to have APL (arm pit length) by June. I am going to a friends wedding and my bi-annual Girls Weekend and I want my hair long and flowey! Last time we went to Miami! This time we are going to where the Bride is! I can't wait either. I am natural (have not put a chemical relaxer in my hair since Feb 2007). And since becoming natural I have learned so much about hair. Things I wish I would have known in high school, college and even after college because now I have the hair that I always wanted. I have thick, healthy, versatile hair! It's not because I do not have a relaxer either, it's because I know how to take care of my hair now. You can still have thick, healthy and versatile hair with a relaxer if you take care of your hair. But for me, not having a relaxer has just taken my hair and my education for hair to a whole other level.
I have applied things I have learned to even caring for my daughters hair. That is actually when I started researching hair. When my baby was one, her hair was short. And she had the littlest ponytails. I knew I wanted my baby's hair long and started researching hair growth. I learned that it's less about growing your hair because your hair is going to grow anyway (if you eat good, exercise, have less stress, etc.). It's actually more about retaining the hair is on your head! Protecting those ends (the most fragile part of the hair). It's a about a good regimen. I started washing her hair once a week and braiding her hair every week. She gets to wear pony tails on the weekend. I use good products on her hair, whatever I use on mine- I use on hers. And I keep her hair moisturized during braid out by misting with water and sealing with oils (Shea butter, coconut oil or others). My daugther just turned 4 and her hair is reaches down to the middle of her back! I saw what I was doing was working for her, so I started do it for myself. I don't wear braids through out the week, but I do try to wear protective styles to protect my ends. I wear twist sets, or roll my hair with flexi rods, or just buns. I too, get creative on the weekends and let it hang out. Also, I do not straighten my hair often. I usually do it for special occasions which averages to once every 3 to 4 months! I probably won't straighten it again until Mothers Day, then for the wedding in June.

Well, I follow SimpYouniqe on YouTube and she just got these BIOTIN vitamins and wanted to give them a try. They are for hair, nails & skin. It's funny because I have been thinking about getting the vitamins before I even saw her post. When I saw her post, I just took the plunge and bought them. They are pricey ($10.69 but I had a coupon for $2 off and they were 50% off! So I paid $3.) Love a deal. Right now my hair is past my shoulders but not the length I want yet, so for the next 5 months I really need to stick to my regimen and protective styles. This picture was taken in November. I had just gotten my hair straightened at a Dominican shop. I know it's not the greatest picture, sorry. I will do better next time. I pray these vitamins do something! I will let you all know.

Do you have any hair goals?


Chrissy said...

Definitely! I began locking my hair in October and I am super excited. I've been wanting to do it for a while and after encouragement from my hubby, I finally went for it. I love them and can't believe how quickly they have grown. Im hoping for shoulder length by the end of the summer so I can experiment with styles.

Trina said...

Hello Wife! Yes, my goal for my hair is to grow my relaxer completely out! My last relaxer was The end of July, 2011. I am amazed at the texture of my hair. My beautician always told me that my hair is naturally soft. I thought it was this way due to the relaxer. I was soooo wrong. I love my texture and it just makes me mad when I think all these years I had a relaxer and honestly didn't need it. I go to the shop every two weeks. I wash and condition my hair the weeks that I am not at the shop. I have not experienced any breakage. Can't wait until my hair gets to my shoulders, I will try some of the twist styles.

Anonymous said...

That's really awesome ladies! Keep us updated with your progress! If you send in pics, I will post them.

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