Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year to you & Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy New Year to you! And Happy Birthday to me! I know I am 9 days late but I needed a break. If you noticed I took a much need 3 month break from writing on the blog. Actually, I took a break from alot of other things too. I got off Facebook for three months, I stopped participating in some other activities. I just took a break. All I did was work (still need that MU-LAH!) and came home and did what "The Hubby" and children needed me to do. It actually felt good to have "Nothing" to do. During the down time, I thought alot. I made goals for 2012. And I rested. I was still tired because my children are young and they still go 24/7 but I wasn't as tired as I was with all I was doing. I reassessed what was a priority for 2012 and have had to let somethings go. I did not make any resolutions (I usually don't). I started making mental changes in October 2011. I do have goals I want to reach and do it more proactively. I even have a accountability partner now. We will meet every two weeks with goals to accomplish by the next meeting. We had our first  meeting today. I think this is going to go GREAT! We will both hold each other to a standard to get things accomplished. One thing I love about my accountability partner is that she is a go-getter, so I now she will keep me motivated. She already gave me a task on day 1, that I was wreaking my brain over how am I going to get this done in two weeks!

Now! For my birthday weekend - I had a ball. My bestie's celebrated with me all weekend. My Florida BFF came up and stayed with me from Wed-Mon. My Alabama BFF came from Fri-Sun, and my local GA BFF attended Saturday and Sunday's festivities! Thursday, I showed Aseelah around Atlanta. She actually lived her years ago but so much had changed. We also picked up her NY BFF who flew down for the weekend too! Friday, we all went to get massages and OMG, that was the best massage I have ever had. That lady had me looking up every few minutes thinking, ...... I am not even gonna say. But she was good! ;) Friday night, we went to the comedy club and saw 4 comedians and every single one was funny. It was a party of 11 and they gave us the front row! And thank God they didn't get me, but a few of the crew got blasted on! Nothing to harsh. After the comedy club we headed to Pearls Bistro. I had never been here, but I will be going back. The cool part is that we were able to get into both events FREE!! Nothing beats kicking it for "Free!" We danced our little hearts out Friday night! It was like we were back in college.

Saturday morning, I went to get my hair blown out and headed to my birthday Luncheon at Ted's Montana Grill. Again, everything was great. The food, the conversation. It just felt good being with friends. After the lunch, Aseelah and I went back home to get ready for NYE night. Tosha and Collie went their direction because they went to the club. Aseelah and I went to church with my husband and children. It was a blessing to bring in the new year praising God.

Sunday, of course we got right back up and went to church. After church we ate dinner at my mom's house. Then we rested and headed out SKATING! That's right. We went to Sparkles and had a great time. My mom even came out and skated. Can you believe my mom can skate better than me. I am good, but she is REAL GOOD. Now my friend Aseelah, poor little tink tink! She bragged that skating is like riding a bike. She hadn't skated since she was 7 and she just knew she was going to get out there and flow! It was so funny, she went around maybe 4 times and sat her behind on the bench! She still had a great time. Monday was my actually birthday. Me, The Hubby, my mom and Aseelah went to my favorite restaurant and then it was time to take her to the airport! Even though it was a great weekend, I still had to get up and go to work the next day. I was on an 11 day vacation but still felt like I needed a break! I think that I am going to have a skate party for my birthday next year because it was just so much fun!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! If you have goals, dreams, visions or resolutions - work on them! Faith without works is dead! 

Do you like my Bernetta J Blige picture?


Anonymous said...

U right B I was in no condition to skate but I will get up on my game. Its was fun have everyone get along and shared in the joy. 40th bday lets say rome, paris or italy!!!

The Wife said...

Rome, Paris or Italy! ohhhh laaaa! That might be a plan right there!

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