Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Game Season Premier Review! I loved it, personally!

Did you see the game last night? OMG! I really enjoyed it. My husband and I (along with my friend Collie) went to see the premier of The Game at the Museum Bar in Atlanta last night. Since the actual official "Premier" was in L.A. the casting group held its own premier here in Atlanta last night for everyone that was involved in this season. Since I was an extra on the show, I wanted to go! We have never been to the museum bar, but it was very posh!

When we got inside, all the waitresses had on Saber Jersey's and they had blue and silver balloons everywhere. They also had this huge wall that the game was shown on via projector above the bar. We got there early because we wanted a seat. I am glad we did because it eventually became standing room only.

Now onto "The GAME". I really liked the season premier. I see that thousands felt the same way, because last time I checked it had over 56,000 likes and over 25,000 comments about last nights episode. I also believe that we needed that hour. Everything that was shown was definitely needed. It was no way it could have been a 30 minute show. Every storyline was full of emotion and made me fell like, "What would I do if..." Every character had major decisions to make and had a drama filled story line.

Melanie and Derwin: She admitted to having an abortion. We all wanted to know who she had an abortion by, Trey Wigs! I feel bad for Melanie. She had a good point, if she would have had his baby - would she really be with the love her life right now (Derwin)? Could he have handled her having someone else's baby like she did with Janey? Most likely not. But you never know. Do you think she should have told him back when it happened? Did he really need to know? I didn't like how he told her "Melanie, your lies and actions effect me!" Ummmm Derwin, your actions affected the relationship! Melanie was your girl and you cheated FIRST! That began the spiral of all things to come afterward. One thing I love about the chemistry between those two is that you can really see they love each other. And I love how Derwin is willing to work it out at all cost. I do not think he needed to punch Trey though! He didn't know Melanie got pregnant, but I guess that's a man for ya!

Malik and Tasha: This was emotional because Tasha was on a mental roller coaster. Should she choose her son or Derwin? That is a hard decision because business wise Derwin is the current cash cow! Malik is on his way o-u-t if he doesn't change in a big way! What would you do? One thing she needs to do is have more than one client! She needs to start scouting at the college games so she won't have all her eggs in one basket! I am surprised she doesn't know that. This is off the subject, but I still want Rick Fox to come back! ;) Malik and the model? I am so glad she wasn't dead, and I hope she gets it together because I liked what she did for Malik. She made him softer. And that made Malik so much more attractive.

Jason: His storyline was my least favorite because at first I couldn't see where it was going. I was thinking, is this whole hour going to be about him not like black girls but secretly loving them? It didn't get interesting until Brandy came on the scene. I knew she was going to be on the show but I didn't know the season would start with them getting married. Now I can't wait to see how this is going to pan out. I think Brandy looked great and I think she will fit in good with the cast. Jason also revealed why he only dated white women, because a black girl embarrassed him when he was young. So he was traumatized. Get over it Jason!

Is it just me or did you think TiTi was about to try to run game on Tasha Mac? I was thinking, Noooooooooo!! But I am glad he was trying to be the voice of reason.

Alright! Alright! Alriiiiight! (In my Kevin Hart voice!) It seems like this season is off to a great start! I do not know what week the episode I am on will air, but please know I will be watching!
Did you like it last night?


Anonymous said...

I wish they would create a different challenge for Melanie and Derwin. The baby is too big for her to still be dealing with the same hurt feelings years later. Her issue with the baby has been the focus of too many episodes. It is time to freshen it up a bit.

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