Thursday, January 12, 2012

I have joined an accountability group! Write it down, Make it Happen!

This is year is going to be different! This is going to be MY YEAR! This year is blah blah this and blah blah that! But do you say that every year? What about 2012 is going to be different? Are your actions going to change? Have you transitioned your mindset? I am just asking because if it hasn't then I guess 2013 is going to be your year.

This year I am doing something different. I have joined an accountability group. We actually had our first meeting a few days ago. We have agreed to meet every other week for lunch! What is an accountability group? It's similar to an investment group, but the stock is in ourselves and the dividends pay a higher yield than most mutual funds. I recently read the book Write it down, Make it happen by Henriette Klauser and she is in a similar group. That is actually where I got this idea from. She read a book called Wishcraft, by Barbara Sher, and that's where she got the idea from. Sher recommends meeting on a consistent schedule with what she calls "success teams" to support each other in making dreams a reality.

The set-up is simple. Each week in a little memo book, write down your respective mini-goals, the piece of the puzzle that will eventually make the big picture: "By next week I will...." And then copy, as well, the others persons' promises. This not only makes each of you committed, it also makes you accountable.

Henriette reveals the two most important questions you can ask a person who is serious about moving forward in a project, any project, are:
1) What will you do next?
2) By when will you do it?

And the third key ingredient is the principle of "Return and Report." That simply means you can let the person know asap when you have completed a project (or wait until the next meeting). If you call, make it a business call. Hang up and call back if you want to chat. Your group goal needs to offer that kind of unconditional bias. A goal group is no place for "tough love" or ultimatums. The key is positive reinforcement.

Week after week, step by step. The new small business is successfully launched, the trip taken, the foreign language facilitated. The walk turns to a run as you triumphantly cross the finish line and look around for the next challenge. My vision groups goal is to challenge each other stretch, to reach higher than what we think we can do. I do have a little secret about my group; it's just two of us! That's right. And I know my friend (she might want to remain nameless for now) and I are both go-getters and very driven, so I am looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2012! I am so excited.

I didn't give a full review of this book in this blog post because today was mostly about my accountability group. I will say this book is GREAT. I really enjoyed it and plan to continue to refer back to it for motivation as well as new ideas. It really makes you "think" about your goals in a different way. It makes you want to approach them differently and expediently, at least it did for me. I already write a journal, but how I write in my journal will forever be changed. I bought this off of amazon for .12!! I caught a deal that day. #loveit

Excerpts from this blog were taking from the book Write it down; Make it happen by Henriette Klauser.


NaturalSmile said...

I am interested in joining. How do i find the group? Lawd knows I need external reinforcement to help hold me accountable to myself!! LOL!

W.I.F.E (Bernetta) said...

Hi NaturalSmile!

All you have to do is find a good responsible friend that will hold you accountable! Someone that is goal oriented like you! (Are you? LOL) Someone who wants to do better as well. Partner up and make things happen. And you should hold them accountable too!
Where do you live?
Keep me updated!
I will tell you a secret, my accountability group is Me and another person! But this person makes things happen! I look up to her for all she has done and that makes me work hard because I have to answer to her every two weeks!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Natural Smile, on my blog, I posted a "quick start guide" to creating your own accountability or goals group. I wanted to share with others the things I learned when I created my own group. I hope you start one!

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